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I think I'm a little flustered.

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1) Pattern Talk

I think I'm a little + 과거분사.
나 좀 ~한 것 같아.

I think I'm a little bothered.
나 좀 신경쓰이는것 같아.
I think I'm a little flustered.
나 좀 어리둥절한것 같아.

I think I'm a little mystified.
나 좀 얼떨떨한것 같아.

I think I'm a little distracted.
나 좀 정신이 산만한것 같아.

I think I'm a little tuckered out.
나 좀 지친것 같아.

2) Role Play

A:  You look like you're in a daze.
A : 너 좀 멍해 보여.

B:  I think I'm a little flustered.
B : 나 좀 어리둥절한 것 같아.

A:  Rest your bones for a spell.
A : 좀 쉬어.

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