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That wasn't why I felt bad.

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1) Pattern Talk
That wasn't why I + 과거 동사.
그래서 ~한 건 아니었어.

That wasn't why I left.
그래서 떠난 건 아니었어.

That wasn't why I called.
그래서 전화한 건 아니었어.

That wasn't why I stopped.
그래서 멈춘 건 아니었어.

That wasn't why I felt bad.
그래서 속상한 건 아니었어.

That wasn't why I said that.
그래서 그렇게 말한 건 아니었어.

2) Role Play

A : I'm sorry I brought up the past.
과거 얘기 꺼내서 미안해.

B : That wasn't why I felt bad.
그래서 속상한 거 아니었는데.

A : Even so, I was out of line.
그래도, 내가 잘못했어.

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