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Pattern Talk

Don't you have + 명사 +today?

너 오늘 ~ 있지 않아?

Don't you have work today?
너 오늘 일 있지 않아?

Don't you have a date today?
너 오늘 데이트 있지 않아?

Don't you have classes today?
너 오늘 수업 있지 않아?

Don't you have free time today?
너 오늘 자유 시간 있지 않아?

Don't you have an appointment today?
너 오늘 약속 있지 않아?


Role Play

A : I love sleeping in like this.

A : 이처럼 자는게 좋아.
B : Don't you have classes today?

B : 오늘 수업 있지 않아?

A : Nope. It's a red-letter day.

A : 아니, 오늘 빨간 날이야.

출처: 굿모닝팝스 2010.12.13

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