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We are ready to settle down.

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1) Pattern Talk

We are ready to + 동사원형. 

우리 ~할 준비 됐어.


We are ready to try. 

우리 도전할 준비 됐어.


We are ready to dig in. 

우리 먹을 준비 됐어.


We are ready to settle down. 

우리 정착할 준비 됐어.


We are ready to take the test. 

우리 시험 칠 준비 됐어.


We are ready to make our move.

우리 행동할 준비 됐어.


2) Role play

A : You two have been going out for years!

A : 너희 둘 정말 오랫동안 사귄다.


B : Yes, and now we are ready to settle down.

B : 응, 그리고 이제 우리 (결혼해서)정착할 준비 되었어.


A : Stellar! All the best to you!

A : 멋지다! 축하해!


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