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1) Pattern Talk

I'm not comfortable with + 명사.

난 ~이 편치 않아.

I'm not comfortable with that.

난 그게 편치 않아.

I'm not comfortable with change.

난 변화가 편치 않아.

I'm not comfortable with silence.

난 침묵하는 게 편치 않아.

I'm not comfortable with English.

난 영어가 편치 않아.

I'm not comfortable with the cost.

난 그 비용이 편치 않아.

  2) Role Play

A : Why do you always have the same hair style?

넌 머리 스타일이 왜 항상 똑같니?
B : I'm not comfortable with change.

난 변화가 편치 않아서.

A : You should be more daring.

더 과감해지는 게 좋겠어.

출처: 굿모닝팝스 2010.06.16

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