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Would you care for hors d´oeuvre ?

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1) Pattern Talk


Would you care for ~?  

~을 드실래요?


Would you care for bagel?

베이글 드시겠어요?

Would you care for a bowl of soup?

스프 드시겠어요?

Would you care for a slice of pizza?

피자 한조각 드시겠어요?

Would you care for hors d´oeuvre ?

전체요리 드시겠어요?

Would you care for instant noodle?

라면 드실래요?


2) Role Play

A: Is there any finger food at this party?

A: 이 파티에 손으로 가볍게 집어먹을 수 있는 음식좀 없어?

B: Would you care for an hors d´oeuvre?

B: 전체요리 드시겠어요?

A: I'll have several, thanks.

A: 저 먹을께요. 감사해요.

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