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Enjoy the weekend.

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1) Pattern Talk


Enjoy ~ .
~을 즐겨.

Enjoy the move.
영화 즐겁게 봐.

Enjoy your meal.
식사 맛있게 해.

Enjoy the lecture.
강연 잘 들어.

Enjoy the program.
프로그램 잘 들어.

Enjoy the weekend. 
주말  보내~.

2) Role play.

A : Time to fly. See you on Monday.
A : 가야할 시간이네. 월요일에 보자.
B : Roger that. Enjoy the weekend.
B : 알았어. 주말 잘 즐겨.

A : Thanks. Back at ya.
A : 고마워. 너도.


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