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1) Pattern Talk

Mark said he would + 동사원형.
마크가 그러는데 자기가 ~하겠대.


Mark said he would treat us.
마크가 그러는데 자기가 우리 대접하겠대.

Mark said he would buzz me.
마크가 그러는데 자기가 나한테전화하겠대.

Mark said he would take a gift.
마크가 그러는데 자기가 선물을 가져가겠대.

Mark said he would stay at home.
마크가 그러는데 자기가 집에 있겠대.

Mark said he would drive to work.
마크가 그러는데 자기가 운전해서 출근하겠대.

Role Play

A:  Why do you keep checking your phone?
A: 왜 계속 전화를 확인하니?


B: Mark said he would buzz me.  
B: 마크가 나한테 전화하겠대.


A: Why wait? Call him, instead.
A: 왜 기다려? 대신 네가 걔한테 먼저 전화해 봐.


*대화 속 영어 표현 정리

- Why do you keep ~ing? : 넌 왜 계속 ~해?

 ( Why do you continue ~ing? How come you are always ~ing?)

-buzz me : 나한테 전화하다(call me, give me a buzz, phone me up)

-Why wait? :왜 기다려?

( Why are you waiting? Do you have any reason to wait?)

-Call him, instead. : 먼저 걔한테 전화해.

( call him first. Just call him. Instead, you just give him a call.)


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