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Pattern Talk

I’ve been meaning to + 동사원형.     
전부터 ~하려고 했었어.

I've been meaning to call you. 
전부터 네게 전화하려고 했었어.

I've been meaning to 
take a course. 
전부터 수업 들으려고 했었어.

I've been meaning to 
check that out. 
그거 확인하려고 했었어.

I've been meaning to 
get my license. 
전부터 면허증 따려고 했었어.

I've been meaning to 
put credit on my bus pass. 
전부터 버스 카드를 충전하려고 했었어.


Role Play

A: What do you know about ordering on line?
 온라인 주문에 대해 뭐 아는 거 있니?

 I’ve been meaning to check that out.
 전부터 계속 확인하려고 했었어.

 Let me know when you do.
 확인하면 알려 줘.

* 대화 속 영어 표현 정리
what do you know about ~ ? : ~에 대해 뭐 아는 거 있니?
ordering on line : 온라인 주문
I’ve been meaning to ~ : 예전부터 ~하려고 했었어
check that out :  그것을 확인하다
Let me know when you do. :  확인하면 알려 줘.

List of Articles
번호 제목 글쓴이 날짜 조회 수
316 [예전에는 ~이 있었는데] There used to be +명사 file chanyi 2011-08-11 1561
315 {~할 거라 기대해요.] She is expected to + V file chanyi 2011-08-10 1453
314 [~하는 줄 알았어.] I thought I was going to + v file chanyi 2011-08-09 1607
313 [~하면 좋을거야] It will be good to +V file chanyi 2011-08-09 1531
312 [~하려면 어떻게 해야할까?] What can I do to 동사원형? file [1] chanyi 2011-08-05 1643
» [전부터 ~하려고 했었어.] I've been meaning to + 동사원형 file chanyi 2011-08-04 2270
310 [난 ~할 처지가 아니야] I can’t afford to upset her. file chanyi 2011-08-03 1712
309 [~은 어땠니?] How was + noun? file chanyi 2011-08-02 1587
308 [너 혹시 ~하니?]Do you happen to + 동사원형? file chanyi 2011-08-02 2102
307 [~한것 같지는 않은데] I don’t think it’s dishonest. file [1] chanyi 2011-07-30 1443
306 [좀더 ~한 방법이 있어.] There’s safer way for that. file [1] chanyi 2011-07-30 1352
305 [~해도 괜찮아요?]Do you mind if I nix my promise? file [1] chanyi 2011-07-30 2033
304 [난 ~하지 못할것 같아] I’m afraid I can’t accept this. file [1] chanyi 2011-07-30 1735
303 [기꺼이 ~하지] I’m up for something new. file [1] chanyi 2011-07-30 1681
302 [그래도 ~하지 않을걸] She won’t come to terms, though. file [1] chanyi 2011-07-30 1544
301 [그거야 네가 ~했으니까 그렇지.]That’s because you + 과거동사 file [1] chanyi 2011-07-21 1628
300 [~문제에 대해 그녀에게 말했지]I told her about the + 명사 + issue. file [1] chanyi 2011-07-21 1515
299 [그는 ~했을지도 몰라]He might have pp. file [1] chanyi 2011-07-21 2136
298 [~하려고 기다리는 중이야]Are you waiting to ~? file [1] chanyi 2011-07-21 1507
297 [그가 어떻게 ~했는지 모르겠어]I don’t know how he turned up. file [1] chanyi 2011-07-16 2903
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