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Pattern Talk

I've been + 과거분사. 
난 ~받았어.

I've been offered a job.
일자리를 제의받았어.

I've been rejected by her.
그녀에게 거절당하다.

I've been helped by others.
다른 사람들의 도움을 받았어.

I've been invited to a party.
파티에 초대받았어.

I've been told many stories.
많은 얘기를 들었어.

I've been excused from class.
수업에서 빠져도 된다고 하셨어.


I've been warned by the boss.
상사에게 경고받았어.

I've been ordered out of the room.
나가 있으라고 지시받았어.


Role Play

남 : You look so happy!
아주 행복해 보인다!


여 : I've been offered a job.
일자리 제의가 들어왔어.

남 : Fantastic! This calls for a celebration!
잘됐다! 축하해야겠는 걸!

여 : Dinner's on me tonight!
오늘 저녁은 내가 살게!

List of Articles
번호 제목 글쓴이 날짜 조회 수
496 [그게 ~하다는 걸 알게 됐어. ] I found it + 형용사. file chanyi 2012-01-06 1879
495 [~했다는 소문이 있어.] Rumor has it that he + 과거동사. file chanyi 2012-01-06 1684
494 [아직 ~이 남아 있어.] There still remains + 명사. file chanyi 2012-01-05 1658
493 [더 이상 ~할 시간 없어.] I never have time to + 동사원형 + anymore. file [1] chanyi 2012-01-04 1918
492 [~이라면 사족을 못 써] She has a weakness for + 명사. file chanyi 2012-01-03 1821
» [난 ~받았어.] I've been + 과거분사. file chanyi 2012-01-02 4169
490 [난 ~이 조금 있어.] I have a touch of + 명사. file chanyi 2012-01-02 2040
489 [그녀가 ~해서 기뻐.] I'm pleased that she + 과거형 동사. file chanyi 2012-01-01 1977
488 [난 ~할 수밖에 없었어.] I was driven to + 동사원형. file chanyi 2011-12-30 1978
487 [~에서 가장 중요한 것이 뭐야?] What matters the most in + 명사? file chanyi 2011-12-29 1710
486 [더 이상 ~은 없어.] There are no more + 명사. file chanyi 2011-12-28 1742
485 [난 네가 ~했겠지 (생각)했어.] I thought you would have + 과거분사. file chanyi 2011-12-28 2104
484 [~하지 못할 만큼 나이 들지 않았어.] I'm not too old to + 동사. file chanyi 2011-12-27 1398
483 [그녀는 ~한 것 같아.] It looks like she + 과거동사. file chanyi 2011-12-27 2447
482 [~할 생각 (의향)이 있어?] Would you be interested in + ~ing? file chanyi 2011-12-27 1997
481 [그건 ~와는 아무 상관없어.] It has nothing to do with + 명사. file chanyi 2011-12-26 1763
480 [~하지 않도록 조심해야 해.] You should be careful not to + 동사원형. file chanyi 2011-12-26 1787
479 [~때문에 놀랐어.] I was surprised by + 명사. file chanyi 2011-12-25 1526
478 [이거 어때?] How do you like + Noun? file chanyi 2011-12-24 2029
477 [어떻게 하다 ~하게 됐니?] How did you end up ~ing? file chanyi 2011-12-23 2462
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