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Pattern Talk

If you were me, would you + 동사? 
네가 나라면 ~하겠니?

If you were me, would you sell? 
네가 나라면 팔겠니?

If you were me, would you pay?
네가 나라면 돈을 내겠니?

If you were me, would you stay?
네가 나라면 더 있겠니?
If you were me, would you quit?
네가 나라면 그만두겠니?

If you were me, would you buy?
네가 나라면 사겠니?

If you were me, would you care?
네가 나라면 신경 쓰겠니?

If you were me, would you leave?
네가 나라면 떠나겠니?

If you were me, would you say that?
네가 나라면 그런 말을 하겠니?
Role Play
A : Celine left me for Simpson. 
셀린이 날 버리고 심슨한테 갔어.
B : Hey, that's not a big deal. Cheer up!
이봐. 별일 아니야. 힘내!
A : If you were me, would you say that?
네가 나라면 그렇게 말할 수 있겠어?
B : I'm sorry, man. I just wasn't thinking.
미안해. 내 생각이 짧았어.
List of Articles
번호 제목 글쓴이 날짜 조회 수
556 [~하고 싶어.] I feel like + ~ing. file chanyi 2012-03-06 2025
555 [누구도 ~하지 않을 거야.] No one would + 동사원형. file chanyi 2012-03-05 1992
554 [우연히 ~을 발견했어.] I happened upon + 명사. file [1] chanyi 2012-03-03 2074
553 [내가 아는 건 ~가 전부야.] All I know is that he + 동사. file [1] chanyi 2012-03-01 2674
552 [절대 잊지 못할 거야.] I'll never forget + 명사. file chanyi 2012-02-29 2051
551 [언제 ~하는지 어떻게 알아?] How would I know when he + 동사? file chanyi 2012-02-28 1847
550 [~하는 게 가능해?] Is it possible that + 주어 +동사? file chanyi 2012-02-28 1827
» [네가 나라면 ~하겠니?] If you were me, would you + 동사? file chanyi 2012-02-25 2258
548 [~했으니 네 탓은 아니지.] I don't blame you because you + 과거동사. file chanyi 2012-02-25 1506
547 [~하는데 왜 그렇게 오래 걸렸어?] Why did you wait so long to + 동사? file chanyi 2012-02-25 1452
546 [~에 대한 감각이 있어.] He has a feel for + 명사. file chanyi 2012-02-24 1496
545 [왜 ~하는지 모르겠어.] I have no idea why they + 동사. file chanyi 2012-02-23 1709
544 [~했을 리 없어.] There is no way she + 과거형 동사. file chanyi 2012-02-22 2292
543 [~하는지 궁금해.] I'm just wondering if you + 동사. file [2] chanyi 2012-02-21 2716
542 [~하기가 힘들어.] I have a hard time + -ing. file [2] chanyi 2012-02-20 2206
541 [~ 하지 않다는 뜻이야?] Do you mean you're not + 형용사? file chanyi 2012-02-20 1469
540 [~ 하면 우린 곤란해질 거야.] We'll be in trouble if he + 동사. file chanyi 2012-02-20 1467
539 [생각해 보니까 너 ~하는구나.] Come to think of it, you +동사. file chanyi 2012-02-20 1548
538 [어디서 ~ 한다고 생각했어?] Where did you think he + 과거형 동사? file [2] chanyi 2012-02-18 1887
537 [~ 하게 굴려는 건 아니야.] I don't mean to be + 형용사. file chanyi 2012-02-17 2154
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