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Pattern Talk

How does + 명사 +sound to you?     
~은 어떻게 들려?


How does Jeju sound to you?
제주도는 어때?

How does coffee sound to you?
 How does a movie sound to you?
영화 한 편 어때?

How does a haircut sound to you?
이발하는 건 어때?

How does spaghetti sound to you?
스파게티는 어때?


Role Play

A: Where do you wish to go for vacation?
A: 어디로 휴가 가고 싶어?

B: How does Jeju sound to you?
제주도는 어떠니?

A: It wound be hard to book a room at this late date.
A: 지금은 시기가 늦어서 방 예약하기가 어려울 거야.


* 대화 속 영어 표현 정리

* Where do you wish to go? : 어디로 가고 싶어?
for vacation : 휴가차. 휴가를 보내기 위해
* How does Jeju sound to you? : 제주도는 어때?
* It would be hard to : ~하기 어려울 거야
* book a room : 방을 예약하다
* at this late date : 이렇게 늦은 시기에 

List of Articles
번호 제목 글쓴이 날짜 조회 수
576 [패턴영어] I was at a loss to + 동사 원형. file chanyi 2012-03-28 2207
575 [패턴영어] Have you thought about + ~ing? file chanyi 2012-03-28 1738
574 [패턴영어] It's almost impossible to + 동사 원형. file chanyi 2012-03-27 1605
573 [패턴영어] While you're at it, could you + 동사원형? file chanyi 2012-03-26 2285
572 [패턴영어] You have never + 과거분사. file chanyi 2012-03-25 2244
571 [아마 ~했기 때문일 거야.] It's probably because they + 과거동사. file chanyi 2012-03-22 2311
570 [얼마나 더 ~해야 해?] How much longer do I have to + 동사원형? file chanyi 2012-03-21 1993
569 [~을 끝냈니?] Are you done with + 명사? file chanyi 2012-03-20 2741
» [~은 어떻게 들려?] How does + 명사 + sound to you? file chanyi 2012-03-19 2033
567 [그녀만이 유일하게 ~해.] She is the only one who + 동사. file chanyi 2012-03-16 2038
566 [~하다니 그는 참 한심해.] It's so pathetic for him to + 동사원형. file chanyi 2012-03-15 2206
565 [~에 대해선 의심할 여지가 없어] No doubt about + 명사. file chanyi 2012-03-14 1723
564 [~을 알고 있어.] I'm aware of + 명사. file chanyi 2012-03-13 2302
563 [그녀가 ~하는지 보자.] Let's see if she + 동사. file chanyi 2012-03-12 1853
562 [~가 그리 많지 않아.] There aren't that many + 명사. file chanyi 2012-03-11 1728
561 [~을 가져다줄래?] Can you get + 명사? file chanyi 2012-03-10 1838
560 [그건 ~에 어긋나.] It goes against + 명사. file chanyi 2012-03-10 1501
559 [~할지 누가 알겠어?] Who knows if they + 동사. file [1] chanyi 2012-03-09 2138
558 [왜 ~하는지 몰라?] Don't you know why she + 동사? file chanyi 2012-03-08 1859
557 [~해도 신경 쓰지 마.] Please don't mind if I + 동사. file chanyi 2012-03-07 2207
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