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1676 [패턴영어] 마지막 수단으로...The operation will be used as a last resort. file chanyi 2016-06-05 968
1675 [패턴영어] ~하는 시절에... Real friendship is shown in times of trouble. file chanyi 2016-06-05 801
1674 [패턴영어] ~한 채로... Sammy showed up uninvited at the party. file [1] chanyi 2016-05-30 2452
1673 [패턴영어] ~하는것은 의미가 없어. It’s pointless to give him unwanted advice. file [1] chanyi 2016-05-29 955
1672 [패턴영어] ~를 적어두다. Did you make a note of the bus times? file [1] chanyi 2016-05-29 1148
1671 [패턴영어] ~할 확률이 반반이야. There’s a fifty-fifty chance of our winning the game. file chanyi 2016-05-26 1085
1670 [패턴영어] ~를 제공하다. Every mistake offers valuable advice on life. file chanyi 2016-05-26 1272
1669 [패턴영어] ~할까봐 걱정하면서 ~하다. He ran to the hospital, worried that Sally got injured. file [1] chanyi 2016-05-22 2814
1668 [패턴영어] ~경쟁을 직면하고 있어. We face fierce competition from large companies. file chanyi 2016-05-22 784
1667 [패턴영어] 뭐라 말하든, ~해. Whatever other people say, be yourself. file chanyi 2016-05-21 894
1666 [패턴영어] ~하는 건 어떤 기분일까? What does it feel like to date a movie star? file chanyi 2016-05-20 934
1665 [패턴영어] ~를 끄집어내는.. Paul is the one who brings out the best in you. file chanyi 2016-05-16 993
1664 [패턴영어] ~한다는 것이 쉽지는 않아. Learning Spanish isn’t as easy as it looks. file [1] chanyi 2016-05-14 1074
1663 [패턴영어] ~하지 않으면, ~할걸. If you don’t try, you’ll never don’t know how it feels. file chanyi 2016-05-14 1151
1662 [패턴영어] ~은 커다란 충격이야. His announcement came as a big shock to me. file chanyi 2016-05-14 884
1661 [패턴영어] ~하려면 시간이 ...얼마 더 있어야돼. We’re still 10 years away from seeing this medicine. file chanyi 2016-05-14 817
1660 [패턴영어] ~하느라 바뻐. We’re all busy preparing a party for our parents. file chanyi 2016-05-14 796
1659 [패턴영어] ~한 이유라도 있어? Do you see any reasons why it didn’t work? file chanyi 2016-05-08 717
1658 [패턴영어] 나에게 ...은 영감을 줬어. Evans inspired me to become a jazz pianist. file chanyi 2016-05-05 754
1657 [패턴영어] ~의 ...예야. Sandra is a shining example of a creative designer. file chanyi 2016-05-05 762
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