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1656 [패턴영어] ~하다니 운이 없네. It’s unfortunate that you’re taking the test again. file chanyi 2016-05-05 680
1655 [패턴영어] 아직 ~할 준비가 되지 않았어. This DNA tech isn’t ready for use in people, yet. file chanyi 2016-05-05 905
1654 [패턴영어] ~하다니 관대하시네요. It’s very generous of you to help me. file chanyi 2016-04-30 1009
1653 [패턴영어] ~란 ~에 대한 것이지. Life is all about making your own choices. file chanyi 2016-04-30 794
1652 [패턴영어] ~가 가장 최신의 ~야. It looks strange, but it’s the latest thing in fashion. file [1] chanyi 2016-04-27 786
1651 [패턴영어] ...와 ~에 대해 논쟁을 했어. I argued with my best friend over politics. file [1] chanyi 2016-04-27 736
1650 [패턴영어] ~하는것은 ~하지마. Don’t stay in a bad relationship that hurts you. file [1] chanyi 2016-04-25 821
1649 [패턴영어] ~가 성공 혹은 실패를 안겨주지. Problems in life make or break people. file chanyi 2016-04-23 665
1648 [패턴영어] ~하지 않는다면, 그건 ...한다는 거야. If you’re not making mistakes, you’re doing nothing. file chanyi 2016-04-23 1033
1647 [패턴영어] 조만간 ~할 거야. Sooner or later, it’ll turn in your favor. file chanyi 2016-04-20 1240
1646 [패턴영어] ~이 통제하에 있어. We’ve got everything under control now. file chanyi 2016-04-19 825
1645 [패턴영어] 지금부터 절대로 ~할 수 없을거야. From now on, you‘ll never see me smoke. file chanyi 2016-04-18 776
1644 [패턴영어] ~대를 거슬러 올라가지. This stew recipe goes back three generations. file chanyi 2016-04-16 539
1643 [패턴영어] ~해, 아니면 ~할거야. Either you run the day or the day runs you. file chanyi 2016-04-16 1027
1642 [패턴영어] ~로 인기를 독차지 했지. Helen stole the show with her amazing violin. file chanyi 2016-04-14 684
1641 [패턴영어] ~하는데 결코 늦은 때란 없어. It’s never too late to do what you love file chanyi 2016-04-12 492
1640 [패턴영어] 정말로 ~는 바로 ~야. It’s health that is real wealth in life. file chanyi 2016-04-11 2448
1639 [패턴영어] ~같은 기분이들어. It feels like I’m chained to my work all day. file chanyi 2016-04-10 868
1638 [패턴영어] ~해서 화가났어. She’s upset that I didn’t show up at her party. file chanyi 2016-04-10 904
1637 [패턴영어] ~에 거리를 두다. She distances herself from any processed food. file chanyi 2016-04-07 3522
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