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 Chapter 3. 부정사/동명사의 선택
15. 특정동사의 목적어 및 목적보어 선택 to V / -ing

일반적으로 미래지향적이거나 호감을 나타내는 동사 뒤에는 to부정사를, 사실(과거)지향적이거나 회피, 혐오감을 나타내는 동사 뒤에는 -ing를 목적어로 쓴다.

․ We should carefully think about the reason for someone's behavior to avoid [coming / to come] to a hasty conclusion about it.

․ Industries are competitively changing their businesses into e-businesses, and thus the demand for the required workforce is expected [growing / to grow]

․ You'd better practice [to speak / speaking] English for thirty minutes a day.

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