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 1) Pattern Talk
명사 + goes well with you.
~이 너랑 잘 어울려.

Black goes well with you.
검정색이 너랑 잘 어울려.

The hat goes well with you.
그 모자 너랑 잘 어울려.

The bulldog goes well with you.
그 불도그가 너랑 잘 어울려.

A motorcycle goes well with you.
오토바이가 너랑 잘 어울려.

Your gold chain goes well with you.
네 금 목걸이가 너랑 잘 어울려.

2) Role Play

A : Pets look like their owners.
애완동물은 주인들이랑 닮은 것 같아.

B : Yes and the bulldog goes well with you.
응, 그리고 그 불도그 너랑 잘 어울려.

A : My bark is worse than my bite.

나 보기보다 부드러운 사람이야.

   - 대화 속 영어 표현 정리

* pet : 애완동물 (house pet, the animal we raise)

* look like : ~처럼 보이다, 닮다 (take after, have a similar appearance to)

* a goes well with you : A가 너와 잘 어울리다

* My bark is worse than my bite : 보기보다 심하지 (거칠지) 않다

(I look worse than I am. I seem tough, but I'm not.)

출처: 굿모닝팝스 2011.01.05
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