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1) Pattern Talk

Can you believe he + 과거동사?

그가 ~했다는게 믿어져?


Can you believe he quit?

그가 그만뒀다는게 믿어져?

Can you believe he
ate that?

그가 저걸 먹었다는게 믿어져?


Can you believe he dumped her?

그가 그녀를 차버렸다는게 믿어져?


Can you believe he played the sax?

그가 색소폰을 연주한다는게 믿어져?


Can you believe he bought a boat?

그가 보트를 샀다는게 믿어져?


2) Role play

A : Where's Harry's girlfriend?

A : 해리 여자친구는 어디있어?


B : Gone! Can you believe he dumped her?

B : 떠나고 없어! 그가 그녀를 차버렸다는게 믿어져?


A : He'll regret it.

A : 걔는 후회할거야.


* gone : 떠났다, 가버렸다(out of the picture, not around here any more)

* dump : 차 버리다(break up with, get rid of, leave)

* He'll regret it. : 그는 후회할거야(He'll fe다 bad about that later, Bad decision)


출처: 굿모닝팝스 2010.06.01

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