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Jenny was caught looking into my phone.
제니가 내 휴대폰을 들여다보다 걸렸어.

<Step 1>
제니가 내 휴대폰을 들여다보다 딱 걸렸어.
Jenny was caught looking into my phone.

쌤은 밤에 야식을 먹다 걸렸어.
Sam was caught eating snacks at night.

그 학생은 커닝페이퍼를 보다 걸렸어.
The student was caught using a crib sheet.
* 커닝 페이퍼(crib sheet)

그 고양이는 쓰레기를 뒤지다 걸렸어.
The cat was caught digging in the trash.

좀도둑이 범행할 집을 살피다 걸렸어.
A crook was caught casing a house
* 좀도둑(crook)

나는 속도 제한을 초과해서 가다가 걸렸어.
I was caught going over the speed limit.

빌은 눈을 이리저리 굴리다 걸렸어.
Bill was caught letting his eyes wonder.

메어리가 운전 중에 문자를 하다가 걸렸어.
Mary was caught texting while driving.

<Step 2>
Dialogue 1
A: Jenny was caught looking into my phone.
제니가 내 휴대폰을 들여다보다 걸렸어.
B: I wonder if she found what she was looking for.
그녀가 찾던 것을 찾았는지 궁금한데.

Dialogue 2
A: A crook was caught casing a house.
좀도둑이 범행할 집을 살피다 걸렸어.

B: He’s behind the bars, now.
이제 철창신세지 뭐.

Dialogue 3
A: Mary was caught texting while driving.
메어리가 운전 중에 문자를 하다가 걸렸어.

B: That is deceptively dangerous.
그게 보이는 것보다 훨씬 더 위험하지.

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