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그는 낮에는 학생이고 밤에는 운전기사야.
He is a student during the day and a driver at night.
 ~ 하는 동안 during / while  
<Step 1>
그는낮에는 학생이고 밤에는 운전기사로 일해. 
He is a student during the day and a driver at night.

입에 무엇인가 있을 때에는 말을 하지마.
Don’t speak while having something in your mouth.

나는겨울 동안은 밖에 놀러 나가지 않아. 
I don’t go out often during the winter.

네가 화장실에 잇는 동안 통화를 하니까 이상하네.
It’s weird to talk on the phone while you’re in the bathroom.

나는 영화가 상영되는 동안 사람들이 이야기를 하면 신경 쓰여.
It bothers me when people talk during a movie.

껌을 씹는 동안 쩝쩝대는 것은 무례하지. 
It’s impolite to smack your lips while chewing gum.

공연이 진행되는 동안 휴대폰은 꺼 주시기 바랍니다. 
Please turn off your phones during the performance. 

기차가움직이는 동안은 자리에 앉아 있어요.
Remain in your seats while the rain is in motion.

<Step 2>
Dialogue 1
A : 조는 늘 일이 많고 바빠. 
A : Joe is a busy-beaver.
B : 그는 낮에는 학생이고 밤에는운전기사야.
B : He is a student during the day and a driver at night.

Dialogue 2
A : 요즘에 너 잘 안 보이던데. 
A : I don’t see you very much, these days.

B : 나는 겨울 동안은 외출을 안해. 
B : I don’t go out often during the winter. 

Dialogue 3
A : 무슨 방송이었어?
A : What was the that announcement?

B : 기차가 움직이는 동안은 자리에 앉아 있으래.
B : Remain in your seats while the rain is in motion.

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